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Investment Management

As trusted advisors, our job is to help you address the complexities of today's marketplace with professional guidance, a disciplined process, proper resources and unceasing vigilance. As trained professionals, it is our privilege to offer you this kind of service because in your busy life, you have better things to do than keeping up with the markets.


Our Process

  • In order to help you make better investment decisions, we need to understand your personal and financial goals first. We then assess your unique risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs and tax situation.
  • By designing a portfolio to help manage market volatility with a higher probability of achieving your financial goals, we try to manage the fluctuations of the capital markets, while attempting to ensure your goals are attainable.
  • Prior to implementing your investment plan, we will provide you with our recommendations and discuss them with you in detail. We will also discuss our investment philosophy and how we will monitor your investments and portfolio.
  • We will work with you to annually rebalance your portfolio in order to maintain targeted allocation and alignment with your investment portfolio strategy.
  • Once your investment plan is implemented, we monitor your investments and portfolio and compare its absolute performance with the appropriate benchmarks. We also measure your portfolio’s relative performance in terms of your financial goals, thereby helping you answer the question, “Am I on track to achieve my goals?”

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an investment portfolio designed specifically for you that will help achieve your long-term financial goals with your tolerance for risk in mind.


Investment Managment Services

Our investment management services include the following:

  • Help you establish your investment goals and assess your risk tolerance
  • Help you select a suitable asset allocation model and the appropriate investments based on your goals and risk tolerance
  • Monitor the performance and risk of your portfolio’s allocation and investment managers
  • Review the performance of your RJ accounts at each meeting
  • Active tax and cost efficient investment portfolio management for assets held at RJ. This will include manager and strategy selection
  • As requested, implementation of cost and tax efficient liquidations for unanticipated cash flow needs
  • Help you update your portfolio as your needs change
  • Review your risk tolerance every 3 – 4 years or earlier if your personal or financial situation changes
  • Coordinate the establishment of appropriate Raymond James’ accounts and related asset transfers
  • Online access to your Raymond James’ accounts
  • Depending on account activity, receive quarterly or monthly Raymond James’ account statements



Petrovic Weaver Financial Services is an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm​

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Five Star Wealth Manager Award

Alex Petrovic, CFP® is a three-time award winner (2012, 2014 & 2015). The award's criteria are 1) credentialed as an investment advisory representative (IAR) or a registered investment advisor; 2) actively employed as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of five years; 3) favorable regulatory and complaint history review; 4) fulfilled their firm review based on internal firm standards; 5) accepting new clients; 6) one-year client retention rate; 7) five-year client retention rate; 8) non-institutionalized discretionary and/or nondiscretionary client assets administered; 9) number of client households served; 10) educational and professional designations. This award is bestowed by Five Star Professional, an independent third party organization.  

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